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If you are looking for an experienced Criminal Attorney Las Vegas to represent your case and provide you with excellent and strong Las Vegas Criminal Defense, then Bill Skupa is your best choice.



Las Vegas Criminal Defense LawyerWith over 30 years of experience in legal representation for a wide range of cases, from misdemeanors to murders. William S. Skupa is a Former Deputy District Attorney of the Clark County Bar Association and a member of Nevada’s Attorneys for Criminal Justice and The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. William S. Skupa Law Office also offers Personal Injury Defense.

If you are an individual that has been injured in an accident due to the someone else’s carelessness, contact our law office right away to obtain representation for your personal injury case by our personal injury lawyer. Our attorney will fight hard to defend your rights and get the compensation you are entitled too. We represent many types of cases including automobile accidents, medical malpractice or negligence, psychological and physical injuries, loss in wages, and property damage.


Criminal Law implies punishments for participants in crimes such as robbery, rape, harassment, murder etc. and provides justice to the victims. Criminal Attorneys assist by representing the defendants in court and also in claiming compensations.

DUI charges in Las Vegas invite very severe punishments for violators and intoxicated drivers from the state and federal courts. They can result in conviction for DUI under the district law and also result in driver’s license suspension. William S. Skupa can thoroughly analyze your case and enable you to achieve minimum sentences and even dismissals altogether. When facing criminal charges, only an aggressive Criminal Attorney providing you well planned and effective criminal defense can help you beat criminal allegations and DUI charges. Our DUI Attorneys advise you on your correct legal position and which legal remedies will be best suited for you.


As a Criminal Attorney and DUI Attorney, William Skupa has represented defendants in various criminal cases such as, domestic violence, battery, assault, solicitation and DUI.

To learn more about our firm, contact our personal injury lawyer, DUI lawyer or criminal attorney in Las Vegas to schedule a consultation for your case at (702) 385-2558.


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