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Marijuana and Driving Under the Influence

Are you dealing with Las Vegas charges related to marijuana and driving under the influence? This area of law has been under review lately due to elections in Colorado and Washington that made them the first states to legalize marijuana.  There have also been some questions about whether or not marijuana causes traffic accidents in the first place.

MarijuanaDUIColorado and Washington are still working out all of the details pertaining to their marijuana laws.  However, the law in Nevada is much different. Whether you are a local or a tourist, we are here to help at the William S Skupa Law Office. Our friendly Las Vegas staff can help you set up an appointment to discuss a successful legal strategy to help you get marijuana charges taken off your record or restore your license.

What are the rules about driving under the influence of marijuana?

Unfortunately, the rules concerning driving while using marijuana or being under the influence of marijuana are not clearly defined across America.  Each city and state can have their own laws regarding whether or not marijuana is legal in any way. For example, many areas in California have legalized medical marijuana. Regardless, some areas that allow certain forms of marijuana use may not have specific laws concerning legal marijuana users that are driving under the influence of marijuana. In some cases, it may be legal and in others it may be a reason to be charged with driving while intoxicated.

What is the legal limit of marijuana use?

Currently, there is no data that shows marijuana use leads to an increase in crashes. Nevertheless, it is recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that marijuana contains known substances that will impair or alter bodily functions, memory, motor control, and perception. According to legal authorities, most impairment from marijuana that affects driving will occur within one to two hours after it is used.

Getting your marijuana DUI charges dropped

There are few legal studies that show driving under the influence causes an increase in traffic accidents.  This is a win for you as the defendant since there are only outdated reports or studies that can be used by the prosecution to press charges.  When you need to get unnecessary charges dropped from your record, call the William S Skupa Law Office in Las Vegas.  We will gladly answer any of your questions in our offices at 600 South 7th Street or over the phone at 702-385-2558.

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