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If you are looking for an experienced Criminal Attorney Las Vegas to represent your case and provide you with excellent and strong Las Vegas Criminal Defense, then Bill Skupa is your best choice.

Drug Charges


There are certain illegitimate drugs that are restricted at both the federal and state level. Such examples are cocaine and methamphetamine. If such drugs are ever found in your possession then most likely, you would be entitled to maximum punishment however if you wish to reduce the sentence or have been wrongly convicted then we can send over a drug crimes lawyer in Las Vegas. Other activities like manufacturing, trafficking, cultivating and distribution of drugs is a serious offence and can draw maximum sentence. This may include lifetime imprisonment or heavy fines.

At times, people often plea deals to be able to gain bail or reduce the sentence. Some states however have enacted medical marijuana laws allowing physicians to be in possession of certain drugs for certain illness. Since such physicians can use such drugs for treatment purposes and if they have the necessary license then they are allowed to use the drug.

In the United States, the government has classified illegal drugs as per schedule classes from 1 to 5. For such drugs you would require the necessary prescription from a qualified doctor. If found without a prescription then you may be charged with drug offence. At that very moment, you should hire a drug crimes attorney in Las Vegas who can help you sort out the case and reduce your punishment as far as possible. Since, we have considerable experience in such a domain so we can send over a drug crimes lawyer in Las Vegas who can study your case and offer sound advice.

The level of punishment that you are entitled to would depend on the kind of drug and the amount you are in possessions with. If in case you are found guilty of manufacturing and distributing and even trafficking such illegal drugs then you are in trouble. Generally speaking, Schedule I drugs bring about a more serious charge whereas Schedule V drugs usually bring the least serious charges. Schedule I drugs comprise of Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy etc. These drugs are forbidden from being sold by pharmacies as they are labeled as having high tendency for abuse.

The fines and penalties linked with drugs can be rocketing sky high and in order to bring down the sentence and if you need to get hold of further details then you should appoint our drug crimes attorney in Las Vegas. We can offer you sound advice on next steps and how you should respond to specific questions in court.

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