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Distracted Driving or DUI Charges Explained

When you are behind the wheel, all of your attention and focus should be on the road ahead of you. On the other hand, driving while drunk (DUI), texting, and answering phone calls can distract you while you are driving. If you are pulled over by a police officer, they can charge you with distracted driving which can be considered almost as bad as drunk driving.

distracted-drivingIf you are dealing with these types of charges, we are happy to help you at the William S Skupa Law Office. Whether you live in Las Vegas or are here as a tourist, we have the advice about distracted driving to help you win your case. When you are ready to get charges dropped and have your license restored, give us a call.

Distracted driving is no laughing matter

Each year, thousands of people die from distracted drivers. It is estimated that in 2009, almost half-a-million people were injured due to the actions of a distracted driver. While this statistic are not as high as drunk driving, public awareness around the issue needs to increase. Unbeknownst to you, you may have been breaking the law with distracted driving without really knowing it. You may have been hoping to get away with a warning, but having charges brought against you for distracted driving is almost as serious as having a DUI.

How the law varies for distracted driving

In 2010, another ban went into effect that prohibits commercial vehicle drivers from driving and texting. Around the country, similar bans are being voted on. This means you may not be prepared for new laws in your Las Vegas community that are related to distracted driving. In some states, distracted driving carries a fine and in others it is considered a moving violation that requires a minimum of 48-hours in jail and/or driver’s license revocation.

Fight your DUI or distracted driving charges

When your drivers license or criminal record is threatened over extreme distracted driving charges, give us a call. Our expert legal team is ready to put together the best defense possible for each of our clients, and we have the experience needed to understand the mind of the prosecution. At the William S Skupa Law Office, we can answer all of your questions in our offices at 600 South 7th Street or over the phone at 702-385-2558.

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